Recurring Giving

Recurring giving is a fantastic way to help with donor retention and allow donors to more easily pay for their gifts.

If recurring giving isn't implemented correctly, though, it can lead to serious problems down the road. Some questions you need to ask of you recurring giving system:

We Make Recurring Giving Easy

The first thing most donors see on our forms is a choice between a one-time or recurring gift. This is how it should be. Most other systems ask for donation amount and only later (if at all) do they ask about recurring. At that point, though, the donor has already put in their intended gift amount, so it's a little late to be asking that!

Our system addresses the issues we listed above. Plus, we treat recurring giving just like all your donors' other subscriptions: You sign up, and that is it! All gifts are perpetual gifts. This simplifies giving options and is more in line of how your donors setup subscriptions with other vendors.

Recurring Features