Allocations, Sponsorships, Funds, Scholarships

Directed Giving

Directed Giving is making a gift to a specific area, scholarship, fund, allocation, etc. It is easy to setup a giving form to handle directed giving, as opposed to a general giving page.

Direct Giving Hierarchy

You can have multiple levels of directed giving, meaning if someone chooses a fund, let's say "College of Architecture", and you have more funds underneath that fund, they will load up automatically in a new dropdown list.

Managing Directed Giving Areas

You can maintain your directed giving areas easily through your admin tools, or you can upload a spreadsheet, or you can keep them updated via our API.

Fixed Giving Amounts

For any allocation, you can set a fixed gift amount (good for sponsorship or membership levels), a minimum amount, a maximum amount, a range, or set no limitations.


You can enable searching across your directed giving areas per form. The search is always related to the currently selected giving area.

Giving to Multiple Allocations

You can allow donors to give to multiple directed giving areas, of varying amounts, per form.