Why Custom Donations?

Enterprise Services

Custom Donations enables you to easily integrate with your affiliates. Enterprise accounts pay a yearly fee that offers two benefits: it removes service fees and allows you to onboard your affiliate organizations, chapters, or clubs. This means they have their own account with no additional charges. It also means you can track all donations both to you and to your affiliates!

Collecting fees and donations through affiliates

You have the option of collecting a percentage of every transaction your affiliates process. You can also have an "ask" on the affiliate's site. This means that while a donor is making a donation or paying yearly dues to the affiliate, they can also make a gift to the parent organization in the same transaction. We divide up the money behind the scenes, so your accountants will stay happy.

Automating Data Flow

We make data reconciliation and accounting simple. As the parent organization, a copy of all donations made to affiliate accounts is made into your Stripe account, meaning when you pull data, you have immediate access to all donations and membership purchases made to the affiliates. No more asking for rosters or trying to import data from multiple organizations!

Alumni Organizations

If you're an alumni organization with local chapters and clubs, Custom Donations has features you will not find anywhere else. An enterprise account allows you and your clubs to accept online donations through our system. Share a common interface but keep the accounts (and the accounting) separate.

Your local chapters and clubs use our service for free, can accept online donations or dues payments, and also accept donations on your behalf. Your alumni get the benefit of making one transaction to pay their club dues as well as donating to you; you get the benefit of extra exposure on the local club website.

University Foundations

As a university foundation, you probably manage a lot of areas for directed giving. We can handle that. Simply upload your directed giving allocations and our forms handle the rest. You can then let the user choose an allocation or direct them to a specific allocation with a custom URL. With our allocation search feature and the ability to give to multiple funds in a single transaction, we make directed giving easy.

You also probably collect money on behalf of colleges and departments. Create custom giving forms, just for them, that they can embed on their own website. No more making donors jump from the college site to your site only to struggle to figure out how to give to the original college.