Receipting Overview

Custom receipting is made up of two main parts -- the "Thank You" message for a specific giving form and the "Email Template" which is the wrapper for the email that has your logo, address, etc.

General Settings

For each giving form you determine from "who" the receipt is emailed, if anyone internally will be BCCd on the receipts, what the subject line says, what the "Thank You" message says, and what email template is used.

Email Receipt Builder

The "Thank You" Message

Each giving form has its own receipt message. This message will be included in the email receipt above the part where we include the transaction details.

This is where you can include tax information or any language specific to that giving form.

Merge Tags

You can personalize the "Thank You" message by using Merge Tags. Merge Tags allow you to insert data collected by the giving form's Form Blocks as well as the gift amount. Merge Tags will be available when editing a Giving Form (after you create a new form and optionally add Form Blocks).

Merge Tags View 1

When you insert a Merge Tag, there is a default value you can fill out in case the form block was not required. For instance, if you insert a Form Block for your First Name form block, it will insert like this: %[First Name]{ValueIfBlank}%. Simply replace "ValueIfBlank" with the default value you want inserted if the donor did not fill in their First Name.

Example: %[First Name]{Donor}% -- Do not change the value in the square brackets []!

Merge Tags View 2

Email Templates

The email template is the wrapper for emails and is built through a drag and drop interface. You may have multiple email templates and apply them to receipts as needed. Most clients generally have one email template that all forms leverage.

Email Template Builder