Why BlueRidge Giving?

How we are different from other solutions

We want you to have unlimited, customizable forms that embed directly and seamlessly into your existing website. We remove the shortfalls of the other systems (primarily that it is hard to get new forms or to get a form that asks what you need it to ask) and give you what you need - an affordable, flexible way to securely accept online donations.

vs All-In-One Solutions

Companies sell you a website that does everything and more. The problem is, you don't need half of what they offer. This solution works fine for some organizations, but for others it's simply too expensive, too complex, and requires significant training and upkeep to manage the site.

vs Off-site Processing

Some solutions let you link off-site so your donors can complete their transaction. When it is on a totally different system or site, the user experience can be jarring as they leave your branding and end up on someone else's site.

Some take the user to an off-site URL but it still "looks" like your website. This is great until you redesign your site and you either forget to update the "processing" site or you find out there is a hefty fee to update the layout to match your new site.

vs Linking Off To PayPal

This is similar to the "off-site processing" above, but has its own problems. Specifically, what type of data you can collect and reconciling data with payments. There are indeed ways to overcome these issues, but we've seen enough organizations have problems doing so. Plus, you are sending people away from your site.

vs iFrame Embed

Some options use an iFrame to embed the form in your site. Let's face it, iFrames are clunky. In many cases, the branding of the form doesn't match up with the site either. Our forms are embedding with JavaScript, meaning they become a part of your site, so you can style it to match your brand exactly!

vs Build Your Own Solution

This is great because you can get exactly what you want... if you can find someone with the technical experience and knowledge to pull it off... and if you can afford it.

Before we built BlueRidge Giving, we built these custom systems, so we know the problems that can arise. Usually it is that your needs and tactics change, and then you find that in order for your forms to adapt to these new changes it will take expensive and lengthy changes to your custom system.

This is why we built our system to be so flexible.