Integrations: Payments


BlueRidge Giving uses Stripe for payment processing. Our software allows you to easily create custom giving forms. All the data you collect from your donors is passed to Stripe with the transaction, meaning when you pull your transaction reports from Stripe, all your donor data is readily available. This streamlines data reconciliation as you don't have to match up payment data to donor data like is required with many other solutions.

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Integrations: CRMs

Various CRMs

BlueRidge Giving works with Impact Upgrade to integrate into various CRMs, from HubSpot to Salesforce.

These integrations are fully managed and automated for you!

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Integrations: Gift Matching

Double The Donation 360MatchPro

360MatchPro works alongside BlueRidge Giving to take your gift matching revenue to the next level.

This integration is seamless and simple, and it can help close the donor awareness gap that causes organizations to miss out on matching gift contributions.

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Integrations: Call Center Software

Ruffalo Noel Levitz

If you are using Ruffalo Noel Levitz to manage your call center, you can use BlueRidge Giving to process payments!

A seamless integration provides your call center employees with an easy interface to complete payments without having to manually enter any data, as it is all prepopulated from the call center software.

Following a transaction, the transaction data is pushed back into the call center software.

Integrations: Mobile Apps

Mobile Up

If you are using Mobile Up to power your mobile app, you can use BlueRidge Giving to process payments!

An easy-to-implement integration provides your app users a simple way to give through streamlined, mobile-friendly forms offering native payment options like Apple Pay.

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Integrations: CRM / Membership Management


BlueRidge Giving provides an integration with NationBuilder so that donor data and donations collected in our system are automatically synced into your NationBuilder community, real-time. It only takes two clicks to implement, so it is easy to integrate with your account. Collect any donor data you want through our forms as well as support recurring giving.

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